smartwatches aren’t always the most attractive pieces of technology. sure, they can help you stay on top of your emails but their tech-y appearance and touch screen displays often leave more traditional watch enthusiasts wanting, and it’s a problem that the montblanc SUMMIT is tackling head on. if you’d rather your timepiece look more like it was built in the swiss alps than a spaceship, you’ll want to take a look at the company’s latest addition to its wearable technology line. 


it’s a large luxury watch with a 400 x 400 resolution display. a slightly curved sapphire glass covers the full round AMOLED touch-screen display — a world first in smartwatches. shortly after its launch in london in march, designboom had a chance to get hands on with the timepiece before it hits the shelves this month.

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
the montblanc SUMMIT is a smartwatch with a vintage feel of a mechanical watch 
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a smartwatch in all respects, the montblanc SUMMIT is just as much for gadget lovers as it is for the sartorially acute. combining classic elements with modern day design, the timepiece is a versatile digital companion that doesn’t scrimp on style. the device takes the 46mm 1858 round case as its inspiration, and the classic watch dials are a digital representation of the dials (found in the 1858 line). it comes in three different cases: stainless steel black PVD, grade five titanium or a bi-color unit that’s the best of both worlds. available are up to eight different strap combinations from sporty to classic straps in rubber, calfskin leather, and sfumato calfskin leather handcrafted in the montblanc pelletteria in florence, all in tonal colours including black, brown, green and deep blue.


in addition, montblanc offers bespoke service for creating a custom dial, working directly with in-house designers and creative directors. 

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
get your notifications, emails and messages on your wrist



progressing further than the ‘timewalker e-strap‘ in 2015, beneath the architecture of the montblanc SUMMIT sits one of the most advanced processors; the android wear 2.0 operating system with 512MB of RAM. this delivers high productivity with an array of functionalities, including over 1000 different apps, fitness tracking sensors and wirelessly streamed music, that run all day on a full charge of its 300 mAh battery. furthermore, the smartwatch is equipped with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, enlisting a google assistant that aids with everything from office administration to travel itinerary, all of which can be controlled via your voice or with the pusher housed within the maison’s renowned stainless steel crown.

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
for voice commands, take to your own personal assistant through the incorporated microphone



a perfect travelling companion, airplane boarding pass barcodes can be scanned directly from the screen. the pre-installed apps also include uber and foursquare guides with search function for discovering the best restaurants and experiences in any city, immediately locating the user’s position. a voice-activated translator gives direct translations from many languages directly to the watch’s display. from heart rate monitoring to spotify streaming, the montblanc SUMMIT can master it all, but importantly, its immense capabilities amaze without taking center stage. 

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
an incorporated heartrate monitor keeps track of your wellbeing

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
a total design experience, seamlessly blending high technology with its finely-made timepiece qualities

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
USB-powered charging dock



montblanc worked alongside qualcomm® technologies to put its snapdragon™ wear 2100 processor to full use, aiming to deliver high performance while maximising battery life (battery efficiency lasts a full day when running continuously).

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
the watch runs for an entire day after a full charge

montblanc summit smartwatch designboom
the watch around a person’s wrist is an expression of his or her personality and the importance of the watch strap continues to increase



traditions also play a major role when it comes to leather and the montblanc ‘pelletteria’ is delivering the highest quality and innovation in the field. the strap of our test model is made of calfskin, impregnated/coated (in an secret material) to add structural strength to the leather and to make it resistant against human skin and water…

montblanc SUMMIT: a smartwatch for the sartorially acute

SUMMIT has a mechanical protrusion at the back with the integrated heart rate monitor