inviting moogfest 2016 installations blur lines between creators and audience
all images courtesy of moogfest




since 2004, moogfest has brought together artists, designers, engineers and future thinkers. the three day event in durham, north carolina presents music installation and performances throughout the city. for 2016 microsoft collaborated with grimes to create an interactive installation inviting the audience to physically go inside and remix one of here songs using technology including microsoft ‘kinect’.


video courtesy microsoft 


microsoft  + KEXP interactive installation




both the visuals and the music will respond intuitively to visitor’s movements and interactions in the ever-evolving environment. as people move through the installation, they will continuously reshape and customize the music, blurring the line between creator and audience. 

the installation revitalizes a 4,000 square feet empty office space 




moog music is also presents ‘the global synthesizer’ project by sound-art designer yuri suzuki. the interactive electronic musical instrument installation lets users synthesize environmental sounds from around the world. 

microsoft uses their ‘kinect’ sensors to detect the user’s movement




utilizing an archive of atmospheric field recordings from diverse geographies, the presentation empowers users to create new sonic environments through the manipulation of a diverse collection of source materials.  be sure to check it out all the installations around the city –  moogfest 2016 starts may 19 to the 22. 


video courtesy of moog