artist mikael genberg to install self-assembling moonhouse in 2015
image courtesy sara medina lind




since the beginning of the 20th century, space has belonged to an exclusive few. the moonhouse art project, led by swedish artist and entrepreneur mikael genberg aims to democratize space exploration by bringing man closer to earth’s nearest celestial body, the moon. the crowd funding initiative proposes to install a self-assembling house on the moon, which will be sent up in october 2015 on spaceX’s falcon 9 spacecraft. designed by american aerospace company astrobotic, the 9 sqm red building – trimmed with white fascia, windows and a front door – will bringing the barren, dead moonscape to life for the first time in history.



video courtesy moonhouse project




the house is currently 75% engineered to spec, and will be outlined by a thin sheet of specially developed space-cloth, which will be stretched over a carbon frame. once placed on the moon, the installation will construct itself as it is filled up with gas. this means that the structure, which holds the house up and shapes the construction, can correct itself, automatically sealing itself from any leaks. the project is currently seeking crowdfunding through its own website, with backers paying for distance as a reward.

detail of astrobotic’s griffin lander
image courtesy astrobotic


infographic for the moonhouse project
image courtesy moonhouse project