morgan motor company announces a technical partnership with frazer-nash energy systems as the all-electric ‘EV3’ prepares for production in 2018. the electric automobile extends morgan’s truly unique offering. EV technology combines with a lightweight coach-built body to offer a mix of craftsmanship and technology. influenced by 1930’s aero-engine race cars, classic motorcycles and 1950s fantasy automatons, the ‘EV3’ embraces new technology while delivering a raw driving experience with traditional british craftsmanship.

morgan EV3 electric car will enter production in 2018
the design sources influence from 1930’s aero-engine race cars and classic motorcycles
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as a result of the partnership, the morgan ‘EV3’ electric car will feature a more robust architecture, greater levels of torque, a stiffer chassis and underslung battery beneath the skin. encased within the tubular space frame chassis is a 21 kWh lithium battery and a liquid-cooled 34.8kW (41.8kW peak) motor driving the rear wheel. the car will have a range of 120 miles and will provide occupants with a hands-on, exhilarating driving experience. the production vehicle is anticipated to have comparable performance figures to its petrol sibling. production will begin in the third quarter of 2018 at morgan’s pickersleigh road factory in the UK, following the completion of the model’s test and development programme.

morgan EV3 electric car will enter production in 2018
the morgan EV3 electric car will enter production in the third quarter of 2018