MOTA smartring uses vibrations to alert users to notifications
images courtesy of MOTA




the MOTA ‘smartring’ updates the wearer with calls, texts and social media notifications by causing vibrations to your finger. the ringlet has a screen that allows you to scroll through meeting or text message alerts in order to check if anything important is happening. this wearable technology syncs with the smartphone app meaning you can stay connected even with your cell away. a VIP feature lets the user control what bulletins should get displayed so there are no unwanted distractions. the ‘smartring’ is available in either midnight black or pearl white, and is being shown at berlin’s IFA 2014.

social media notifications such as; facebook, twitter and instagram, can be displayed




MOTA is a consumer electronics company which was founded in 1999 to give customers highly desirable, useful products. they envisage, build and market devices such as; wearable technology, high-performance 3D printers and household internet of things. at their silicon valley headquarters, the design team’s aim is to empower users by enabling them to operate their world in an intuitive and fun method. the smartring demonstrates this ambition with its helpful and unobtrusive notifying system.

the MOTA smartring can show call and email alerts, as well as both the time and the temperature




the wearable technology keeps you updated even when your phone is not around


[h/t] slashgear