muji apps for iPad and iPhone




tokyo designers week 2010: japanese brand muji presented three apps for the iPad including: a calendar, notebook, travel companion to assist you in your everyday happenings.

muji apps for iPad muji notebook app




the muji notebook app features handwriting recognition and predictive text inputs that allows you to take notes and sketch at will. the app has four different page types to use: ruled, gridded, quadrant and plain and easily allows you to import photos and PDFs from iPad and iTunes to your notebook. you can also e-mail your notebook to friends and colleagues to review. at 4 USD, this is the only muji app that will cost you any money.



muji apps for iPad muji calendar app




pinch-in and pinch-out gestures on the muji calendar app easily take you to the pages of your scheduler that you would like to view. you can choose either a 12-hour or 24-hour time scale, with the ability to see a whole day’s appointments on a single screen without scrolling.



muji apps for iPad muji to go




focusing on travel and mobility, the muji to go app provides useful information and services such as world clock – time zone differences, foreign exchange rates, weather and a calculator. so wherever you may be in the world, this app will help you get adjusted to your new location.