google’s my edit kit refines websites directly with connected notepad and pencil
all images courtesy of multiadaptor





google is diving deeper into their strategy to give business clients a radical new way to interact with their online marketing tools and services. with london branding agency multiadaptor, ’my edit’ offers an engaging interactive tool that helps tailor google’s think website. 


making of google ‘my edit’
video courtesy of multiadaptor




using a pencil and a notepad as a starting point, multiadaptor connected two ageless tools of the creative process to the website’s content. conductive ink allows to interact with digital content using a pencil, the team with the help of industrial designer roland ellis, developed a conductive bookbinding glue, seamlessly connecting a circuit board to the printed pages of the notepad. the google ‘my edit’  made it faster to discover what’s relevant to the user, by creating a custom ‘edit’ of content with a few ticks or clicks.

multiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-02the whole google ‘my edit’ kit multiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-03the conductive ink allows to interact with digital contentmultiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-04the notepad connects using a USB cable multiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-06once the papers are depleted, the computer board can be reused  multiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-07branding also done by multiadaptor  multiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-08the team developed a conductive bookbinding glue multiadaptor-google-my-edit-digital-book-concept-designboom-09the team at multiadaptor