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watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta

MV agusta is full of drama, especially after 75 years,’ timur sardarov, CEO of MV agusta, tells designboom on the exclusive premier of the legendary italian motorcycle manufacturer’s ‘you see a bike’ documentary. personal, reflective and honest: the 50-minute film is an unusual, intimate narrative about a brand told through external, indirect perspectives, such as supercar designer horacio pagani. viewers join a behind-the-scenes, time-traveling ride into the home of the company, their design DNA, and their iconic products over more than seven decades as well as those to come in the near future.


watch MV agusta’s full documentary above.

watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta



the world is moving very fast but, despite the literal speed of our bikes, we are trying to slow it down. we are a niche brand that is trying to draw more attention to designs that deserve more time to exist,’ begins timur sardarov, CEO of MV agusta.


celebrating the 75th anniversary of MV agusta, the history of the brand is centered on the bike and its design. now based on the shores of lake varese, italy, the maker has always crafted motorcycle art that pushes the boundaries of form, innovation, performance, and experience. to name but a few icons, revered models include the ‘brutale‘, ‘rush 1000’, and ‘superveloce’ – all of which deserve more time to be admired and enjoyed.


firstly, MV agusta is very unique compared to every other brand in the motorcycle industry. we are focused on the emotional aspect of riding a bike, from an actual riding and lifestyle experience even to the pure functional, mobility side,’ explains the CEO. ‘secondly, our design language is the pinnacle, a trend setter, and the most admired style in the market.

watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta



MV agusta is all about emotion,’ clarifies timur. ‘the bike is more than just a machine; it delivers a special feeling. a motorcycle is a very honest presentation of speed. as the industry focuses on going faster, quieter and more environmentally friendly, we are saying yes but this all needs to be more enjoyable.


directed by andrea manenti and produced by addiction-pianoB, MV agusta’s ‘you see a bike’ documentary captures the emotion of the bike, the italian brand, and also the subtle and radical changes within the motorcycle world. the film begins by stating that a bike is never just a bike. it builds upon the title which expresses the idea that everyone sees the object but each perspective and thus emotive relation is different.

watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta



every bike is unique but especially ones designed and made by MV agusta at their HQ in varese. each design is reflective of their crafter: the skill, passion and traditions involved. from the brand, timur is joined on the film with the viewpoints from his younger brother ratmir, vice president of emobility & board member, and R&D director brian gillen, marketing director filippo bassoli, and brand director marta trezzi. each individual gives a personal version of the brand, its history, and future.


the documentary reflects how we are produced by people. I believe MV agusta is the only company in the industry that assembles everything in-house. this is against the natural flow of the modern industrial era because most brands are fighting for efficiencies.’ timur continues to add, ‘our products are unique not only because of their beauty but also the effort and skills needed to achieve this quality, style, and overall design DNA.

watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta



the personal accounts in the film continues but in a much more independent sense. eight testimonials-extraordinaires were invited to share anecdotes about their relationship with motorcycling, not specifically MV agusta. these individuals are universally recognized in topics deeply entrenched with the brand’s design DNA, from a lifestyle orientation to industrial excellence and racing. the intimate views from the cast includes horacio pagani, founder and chief designer of pagani automobili; designer and bike maker roland sands; ottavio missoni, fashion entrepreneur; stunt driver thibaut nogues; motoGP photographer gigi soldano; motorcycling legend giacomo agostini; race rider virginio ferrari; and celebrity DJ and producer carl cox.




viewers get to witness some of the most iconic moments in the italian brand’s 75 year history. from engineering marvel of the 500 three model to the multiple F4 editions, relive the birth of icons that shaped new typologies, broke racing records, and shifted the course of motorcycling forever after.


the biggest emotional moment for the company was the beginning of the castiglioni era, who then developed and introduced the four cylinders from the late 80s into the 90s. it was such a revolutionary product from design to appearance and technical complexity. it radically caught and changed the minds of creatives in the industrial design world. it was a dramatic moment that our documentary viewers will relive,’ confirms timur.

watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta



the film, however, does not just think of the past. the film positions the poignant, unconventional, and captivating history of the company and what could be expected – if you can predict – in the very near future. new light is shed on the latest novels as MV agusta moves to a younger generation. a journey is always in motion so similarly the focus of the documentary may look backwards but its focus is always on the future.


I don’t believe in secrets. MV agusta’s future is about improving the interaction with clients, the quality of products, and reaching a wider, younger customer base. we are looking at electric bikes and scooters to fit the millennial audience,’ timur sardarov, CEO of MV agusta, hints about the future of the italian brand to designboom.


watch 'you see a bike' documentary by iconic motorcycle maker MV agusta





documentary info:


brand: MV agusta

documentary: you see a bike

director: andrea manenti 

producer: addiction-pianoB

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