together mv agusta and mercedes-amg create high-performance show bike
all images courtesy of mv agusta




 mv agusta and mercedes-amg are strengthening their partnership ties with a jointly designed show bike. the mv agusta ‘F3 800’ is painted in the exclusive ‘solar beam’ color adopted from the mercedes ‘amg gt’ sports car. black wheels, further black highlights and the amg logo on the sides of the trim equally underscore the close ties with the sports car and performance brand. 

MV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-02matched to look like the amg ‘GT’ concept




‘mv agusta and amg motorcycles and cars – different on the outside but identical deep down,’ says president and CEO of mv augusta motor giovanni castiglioni. ‘together we are driven by our history, guided by research, inspired by beauty, enchanted by speed. we fuel the passion of high-performance connoisseurs.’ the ‘F3 800’ is an advanced three-cylinder motorcycle that balances between handling and performance. it uses electronic engine management with four maps, eight-level traction control and an understated power to weight ratio to master the challenges of the road or the race track.

MV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-03the bike includes a 1,000 cc engine MV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-04 black rims meant to look identical to the carMV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-05 the three pipe exhaust MV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-06‘F3 800’ incorporates amg bagdes MV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-07 320 mm double floating disc brakesMV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-08 made of ultralight thermoplasticsMV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-09eight-level traction control system keeps the two wheels on the roadMV-agusta-f3-800-show-bike-designboom-10the throttle is electronical managed to the engine