myrun technogym treadmill enhances fitness regime at milan design week
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with home fitness adapting to the fast pace technology sector,’technogym‘ offers the advanced integration of software and hardware in ‘myrun technogym’ treadmill. the package focuses on a more detailed running experience, new sets of customizable programs, blending entertainment integration, improved installation and next generation sustainability standards.






a brand new metric called ‘running rate’ has been developed from technogym’s medical and scientific team, that measures the users running performance by considering the speed, step frequency, stride length and center of gravity. the detailed index offers simple feedback, that will help reduce the risk of injury and refine the runner’s efficiency.


‘myrun’ technogym introduction

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‘myrun’ interface incorporating the tablet app




coupled with the ‘myrun’ app on the tablet, customizable programs can be selected based on personal needs and goals. the software also chooses the songs from the users playlist that is best suited to the rhythm. the italian company polished the packaging, making the assembly process simple and fast. the treadmill also features a proximity sensor, knowing when to turn on.


‘myrun’ technogym: the birth
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lastest technogym ‘myrun’
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technogym showcase
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