NáBITO mini-kitchen and smart table extend functions of trolleys
images courtesy of NáBITO architects




extending the functions of common trolleys, the NáBITO ‘mini-kitchen’ and ‘smart-table’ designs are intelligent products that incorporate rechargeable batteries in order to power their many capabilities. combing the friendly elements of the traditional furniture, the modeled prototypes are packed full of useful tools to serve the home.

the smart-table is a mulch-purpose piece of furniture




the ‘smart-table’ is described as a ‘little room wheels’ and with its table, bluetooth music player, electricity plugs, fridge and storage shelves, it is clear to see why. providing a different function, the ‘mini-kitchen’ is a complete and portable cookery station, featuring cookers, a fridge and a microwave. as well, it has a set of chopping boards, built-in storage spaces, and opening and closing shelves.

the smart-table trolley compact, ready for moving and for being stored


the mini-kitchen has many storage shelves and drawers


as well as featuring cookers, it also has a fridge and a microwave


the mini-kitchen is described as ‘a complete portable kitchen for home office use’