nanoflowcell QUANT F sports sedan set for 2015 geneva motor show
images courtesy of nanoflowcell AG




building upon the innovation of the 2014 ‘e-sportlimousine‘, the first automobile powered by flow cell drive technology, the nanoflowcell ‘QUANT F’ electric sports sedan will premier at the 2015 geneva international motor show. the four-seater boasts impressive performance attributes such as a top velocity of over 300 km/h and a range of 800 km, thanks to its new, in-house developed two-speed automatic transmission. considering this and its total tank capacity of 500 liters, the company continues to balance dynamic capabilities with environmental-friendliness, as it produces zero harmful emissions.

the side view of the 5.25 meter long sports sedan




‘the QUANT F is a complete re-design of its predecessor, the QUANT E, and stands apart not only in terms of appearance with its red colour but also as a result of the integration of newly developed technical components. with the QUANT F we are currently able to attain peak output of 1090 PS/801.69 kW for a limited duration and a maximum rated voltage of 735 V (previously 600 V). this represents a massive increase for an electric vehicle,’ explains chief technical officer nunzio la vecchia.


he continued to say; ‘in this connection, I would expressly like to point out that we researchers are not interested here in pumping up PS/kW figures, but rather in realizing what is technically feasible. for both technical and economic reasons, the rated voltage for normal operation of the QUANT F will stand at approximately 400 V in future. this enables efficient and economical driving and means correspondingly greater ranges accompanied by outstanding performance with zero harmful emissions.’

close-up view of the two-stage aerofil




featuring 4×4 all-wheel drive, the nanoflowcell ‘QUANT F’ sedan has a two-stage aerofil that is automatically activated at 80 km/h, in order to apply additional negative lift force to the rear wheels. the newly constructed monocoque, made from carbon fiber, provides a more spacious interior with elegant lines, that comfortable fits four adult passengers.