ncamp has created a camping stove that uses sticks and twigs from the forest floor as fuel. with a weight of under 1.5 pounds, the compact system is collapsible and light weight meaning you can carry less on your woodland adventures.
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by making a collapsible combustion chamber, ncamp created a compact and effective system that uses both wood/biomass and solid/liquid fuels.this stove is around the size of a paperback book.


‘wood-burning camping stoves exist, but they can be bulky because of the nature of the combustion chamber,’ ncamp founder dan cuffaro says. ‘our design transformed the common bulky combustion chamber into one that is modeled on a traditional collapsible camping cup.’

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taking only three minutes to boil a cup of water, the stainless steel and aluminum burner is fast and effective. the system which is expected to launch in september, will donate 1 percent of its earnings to worthwhile causes. ‘we give one percent of our profits back to organizations that support getting people outdoors, preserve and restore the natural world, and promote conservation-related programs’ say the team.

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