ncycle e-bike features integrated locking, folding and pocket systems
images courtesy of ncycle




exhibiting at the 2014 eurobike show in germany, the ‘ncycle‘ e-bike incorporates integrated locking, folding and pocket systems into its curvaceous form. all the superfluous elements were discarded as only the essence of the vehicle was included to create the single, continuously flowing frame. the handle bars solve the problem of remembering to carry around your lock by functioning as one itself. the solid, loop-shaped mechanism improves safety, portability and ease of use by being able to fit around most poles, whilst reducing the weight of the lugging around a bolt and chain. the rectangle nlock can be rotated by 360° to be secured and is adjustable to be fixed in different riding positions.

front view of the e-bike




the electronic bicycle also features npocket which is a retractable pocket between the two metal plates of the frame. it disappears when not in use and when filled with objects such as notepads and books, only the bottom shows. another combined technology is the nfold which allows the velocipede to be folded in two seconds. this is possible thanks to how it splits in half at a location between the seat and the pocket, and means that the product can be hoarded compactly for storage or traveling.





the npower electric drive device aids the rider by adding force to the rear wheel and is located inside the metal body. the lithium battery is also built in and supplies energy to the front and rear lights, wireless front speakers, holographic display and charges your smartphone. this electronic screen is situated by the handle bars so is easy for the user to see and can show apps from your docked smartphone. the ‘ncycle’ utility e-bike is being exhibited at germany’s eurobike show from the 27th to 30th august.



the display is located by the rectangular handle bar and situated near the npocket




the handle bar locks around poles and features built-in speakers and headlights


the e-bike enables users to easily carry objects around in the npocket


compact folding is also capable





video courtesy of ncycle