experience touch sensitivity on existing PCs with airbar sensor
all images courtesy of neonode





optical sensing technology company neonode is taking stubborn windows and chromebook laptops to the touch screen age with the airbar sensor. attached with the magnetic strip and plugged in the USB port, the airbar projects an invisible light field on the surface of a display that makes it possible to ‘touch’ the screen and interact with it.


demonstration of the ‘airbag’
video courtesy of neonode




this is all thanks to neonode’s ‘zForce air’ technology, which can be used for all sorts of gestures such as — pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll away. the reason users can us anything to touch is that the light field reacts to any disturbance. the detaches easily for storage when users close their laptops. 

neonode-airbar-laptop-touch-screen-converter-designboom-02comes in matte black finish

neonode-airbar-laptop-touch-screen-converter-designboom-03attaches using a magnetic strip  neonode-airbar-laptop-touch-screen-converter-designboom-04fits 15.6-inch screens

neonode-airbar-laptop-touch-screen-converter-designboom-05connects through an USB port neonode-airbar-laptop-touch-screen-converter-designboom-06works with chromebooks  neonode-airbar-laptop-touch-screen-converter-designboom-07neonode ‘airbar’ adds touch sensitivity to any laptop with windows 8 or 10