nevana decorates aston martin DBS in glow paint for gumball 3000 team
all images courtesy of nevana designs




you see glow-in-the-dark stuff in all kinds of places, but it is most common in toys. nevana designs take the stylish aston martin ‘DBS’ and dips it in glow paint for a team participating in the gumball 3000 rally. patented by award winning inventor and founder hamish scott, the finish and has already been used to stain a nissan leaf. the paint formula contains a product called strontium aluminate that stores sunlight and then reflects it at night. the scientist has been working together with other big international brand names to produce bespoke UV merchandise line using his environmentally friendly formula. driven by ‘team 46’, catch the aston martin ‘DBS’ at the famous 3000 mile rally that crosses the globe this year.

the finished was invented by hamish scott


the car is a standard aston martin ‘DBS’