new energy technologies want to make electricity with every window
all images courtesy of new energy technologies





american company, new energy technologies is developing electricity generating transparent windows and products for america’s 85 million detached homes and commercial buildings. their mission has been to create solar windows which produce impressive amounts of clean electricity, that benefit the environment and the building landscape. the team developed a coating capable of generating electricity on glass and flexible plastics that is processed uniformly in different color tints. these polymer organic photovoltaic arrays are clear and only capture UV rays which can be scaled up and have unparalleled manufacturablilty. 

new-energy-solarwindow-designboom-02researchers view through electricity generating ‘solarwindow’




unlike traditional building applied photovoltaic systems, restricted to use in direct sunlight on very limited skyscraper rooftop space, their ‘solarwindow’ is designed to operate in sunlight, shaded conditions and artificial light on the many thousands of square feet of glass surfaces common to today’s high rise towers. the technology is the subject of forty two patent filings, and researchers are on the track to advance the project towards full scale production. 

new-energy-solarwindow-designboom-03they are being developed in architecturally-neutral colors



new-energy-solarwindow-designboom-05they can tint in custom colors


new-energy-solarwindow-designboom-06the clear film only captures UV light


new-energy-solarwindow-designboom-08testing the film using artificial light


new-energy-solarwindow-designboom-09can be applied on traditional skyscraper windows