the ‘zooka’ bluetooth speaker by new studio

zooka‘, a bluetooth speaker by industrial design studio new, is developed as a truly portable sound solution for tablets, smartphones, and even laptops and computers.

composed of durable silicone, the speaker provides five times the volume of the built-in speakers on most handheld devices, with increased fidelty. ‘zooka’ connects wirelessly via bluetooth to iPhone, iPad, or any other portable device or computer, although it also contains a 3.5mm audio input to manually plug in any non-bluetooth-compatible devices. the device also fits over the tops of tablets and laptops, including over tablet smart covers. it charges via miniUSB, providing over eight hours of media content on a single charge.

‘tablets are made to move, adapt, and flow from one use to another,‘ explains drew downie, part of the design team; and so peripherals should follow the same logic. docking stations are counterproductive; instead ‘zooka work[s] with your tablet [or smartphone]. it goes where you go.‘

the product is currently seeking funding via a kickstarter campaign, aiming for an august release. ‘zooka’ is produced in orange, green, blue, brown, gray, and black, plus a special glow-in-the-dark model for kickstarter pledgers and with red and purple models planned for future release.

new studio: zooka portable bluetooth speaker full view of the speakers of the current production line

new studio: zooka portable bluetooth speaker detail view

kickstarter campaign video for ‘zooka’

new studio: zooka portable bluetooth speaker the bluetooth device can also hook physically onto tablets and laptops

new studio: zooka portable bluetooth speaker the durable silicone speaker can double as a hand grip

new studio: zooka portable bluetooth speaker design sketches