nexa3D NX1 3D printer cuts prototyping from hours to minutes with oil-pool method
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nexa3D introduces the ‘NX1’ – a fast-paced printer that integrates a new system using self-lubricant sublayer photo-curing technology. this method dramatically changes the 3D printing experience by cutting the time take from hours to minutes and brings professional-quality high-resolution 3D printing to everyone. 


nexa3D kickstarter campaign video
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the ‘NX1’ is an unibody desktop printer designed in italy by stanislao migliorino for extreme precision and performance. the ‘NX1’ tank is built as a unique body with the linear bearings of the four arms. this ensures an alignment between build platform, tank and light source. the motor in the heart of the machine imparts a central thrust force to the build platform, using four mechanical arms. this avoids any mechanical stress to deliver print accuracy.

nexa3D-NX1-3D-printer-designboom-02the ‘NX1’ desktop printer




the recently developed printing process interposes a transparent self-lubricating film between the bottom of the tank, the photo-curing resin, and the light source. by gently releasing a layer of oil, this allows the finished resin to solidify while suspended on the substrate. the heart of the ‘NX1’ system is the oil because it produces a sublayer that prevents newly formed layers from sticking to the magnetic build platform. the resulting process can print a one-inch (25,4mm) part in about three minutes. other 3D printers use a complex refill process, but the team at nexa3D designed a clean, safe integrated resin cartridge system that eliminates the need for complicated refills. the 3D printer also offers a self-cleaning system to ensure other colors won’t bleed into the next 3D printing job. the nexa3D ‘NX1’ 3D printer is available for pre-orderer on kickstarter.

nexa3D-NX1-3D-printer-designboom-03 an oil pool system uses a light projector to fuse layers togethernexa3D-NX1-3D-printer-designboom-04 the free standing printer wirelessly connects to mobile, laptop and desktop computers

nexa3D-NX1-3D-printer-designboom-05 the magnetic platform nexa3D-NX1-3D-printer-designboom-06 the edges of the printer also act as a venting system

nexa3D-NX1-3D-printer-designboom-08‘NX1’ can print a one-inch (25,4mm) part in about three minutes