next transportation concept would improve traffic fluidity and commuting time
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next is an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles, refined by italian designers and engineers. the modules can drive autonomously on regular roads, joining themselves and detach even when in motion. when joined, the doors between modules fold, creating a walkable open space among modules. founded by tommaso gecchelin, the concept would greatly outperform conventional transportation when used in conjunction with other modules. the collection of next modules would improve traffic fluidity, commute time, running costs and pollution prevention by optimizing each module occupancy rate. 

next-future-transportation-concept-designboom-02once linked, passengers would be able to walk between modules next-future-transportation-concept-designboom-03the modules would be individualized  next-future-transportation-concept-designboom-04shipping and goods transportation could be adapted    next-future-transportation-concept-designboom-05companies would offer specific modules to the system