swiss synergy – nico gerard bridges between luxury timepieces and the apple watch 
all images courtesy of nico gerard





the swiss are so accommodating, especially when it comes to luxury watches. nico gerard is a timepiece with a chronometer and a smartwatch joined by a single bracelet. the ‘pinnacle’ chronometer is situated on the outside of the wrist, while the smartwatch is located on the inside. the ‘pinnacle’ series bridges the gap between tradition timepieces, and the rapid evolution of smartwatches. the bracelet uses the papillon double clasp that sits symmetrically on each side of the smartwatch, and was designed for comfort, balance and stability.  


nico-gerard-luxury-watch-designboom-02the papillon double clasp




currently the bracelet supports the 38mm apple watch and apple watch ‘edition’. the company is made up of a father son duo, andreas and adam pluemer with a love for timeless watches that can be passed on from generation to generation. with strong ties to california’s silicon valley, the concept became more apparent, and two embarked to create a mechanical electric hybrid timepiece.

nico-gerard-luxury-watch-designboom-03the chronograph in black 


nico-gerard-luxury-watch-designboom-04each piece is made in geneva, switzerland 


nico-gerard-luxury-watch-designboom-05comes in both gold and stainless steel 


nico-gerard-luxury-watch-designboom-06the bracelet supports the 38mm apple watch and apple watch edition