the ninebot one e+, a self balancing electric scooter for personal city travel
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unicycles are not longer for circus clowns, carnivals or street festivals. chinese manufacturer ninebot wants to revolutionize personal transportation with the ‘one e+’ electric unicycle. it has an intelligent system that balances itself automatically using built in gyroscopes and inertial monitoring that makes corrections to the motor speed and power, calculating hundreds of times per second. capable of traveling on different terrains, the ‘one e+’ is centered on a 16 inch ultra thin brushless motor, that is fully sealed and safe to use in any inclement weather. the modular design allows riders to disassemble and replace components on their own, hassle free. the electric unicycle incorporates a fast charging lithium battery that comes in two options: – 83Wh or 240Wh, and with standard charger can be charged in 60 to 120 minutes. a supplementary 250W fan-less high performance AC charger can fully charge the batteries within 30 to 60 minutes.   


a video demonstrating the versatility of the ninebot one e+ 
video courtesy of ninebot





weighing 14.2 kg, the ninebot ‘one e+’ has an elastic polyurethane handle for carrying back to an apartment or down to the subway when its not in use. it is made of high pressure magnesium alloy, with an anti skid finish on the frame and pedal. the ninebot ‘one e+’ comes in many different colors, and can go up to 22 km/h. a triple safety alarm: – sound, light and vibration is included that ensures a safe driving experience. the alarm is set off if the ‘one e+’ is speeding, over leaning, low power, internal malfunctioning, or overheating. to display the status of the ninebot ‘one’, there is a companion app ‘ninedroid’, that shows the charging, location status along with instrumental information on any smartphone. the electric unicycle is able for purchase at $950 USD and would make a great addition to your short urban commute. ninebot presents its self balancing scooters at the china pavilion at expo milan 2015, showcasing the rapid development of short distance transport within the asian country. see designboom’s coverage of the china pavilion at expo milan 2015 here

the electric components are fully sealed to survive inclement weather


the electric unicycle is made of magnesium alloy 


in many colors to choose from


comes with foldable pedals and a retractable handle


connectable with the companion ninebot app