riding off the back of SONY‘s 40th anniversary and a nostalgia-inducing retrospective, NINM lab has introduced the ‘world’s first bluetooth portable cassette player.’ the IT’S OK cassette player is an update of the classic SONY walkman and is able to play those embarrassing of cassette tapes you couldn’t bare to throw away.

NINM lab's bluetooth cassette player is retro nostalgia without wires

images courtesy of NINM lab



with bluetooth 5.0 built in the IT’S OK cassette player can be paired with wireless earbuds, or there’s a physical jack for those who prefer physical headphones. users can also record voice messages straight onto blank cassette tapes with a recording time of 60mins.

diagram of NINM lab's bluetooth cassette player



‘it is the world’s first cassette player with bluetooth 5.0 capability that not only supports traditional 3.5mm headphones but is also compatible with bluetooth 5.0 headphones or speakers,’ says NINM lab. ‘whether you are alone or in an open space, you can freely enjoy the penetrating voice and warm sound from the cassette tape.’

three colorways of NINM lab IT'S OK bluetooth cassette player



IT’S OK launched on kickstarter today (july 4 2019) and comes in three colors: cloud white, sakura pink and evening blue. NINM lab are offering campaign backers 30% off the device which will cost $63 USD so probably somewhere around $90 USD full price.


this isn’t the first time NINM lab has updated antiquated technology. the company’s first kickstarted product was the instant magny 35: an accessory that turns 35-millimeter cameras from nikon, olympus, and even leica, into polaroid-like shooters that can immediately print out shots using fujifilm instax square instant film.


project info


company: NINM lab

product name: IT’S OK

type: bluetooth casette player