the ‘esflow’ electric sport concept car by nissan

the ‘esflow’ concept sports car by nissan adapts to a fast-riding, low profile vehicle the same technology that the company developed for its near-zero-emission ‘leaf‘, previously covered by designboom in our 2009 article ‘nissan leaf ev‘.

nissan: esflow electric sports car full profile view

engineered from the outset as an electric vehicle, the body of ‘esflow’ was designed with a mind towards the optimal placement of necessary technological components. each of two electric motors drives its own real wheel, to optimize vehicle stability and power generation. its lithium-ion battery backs are located along the axis of the front and rear wheels, to align the center of mass roughly with the driver’s hips. the car’s roll bars are incorporated directly into its structure, behind the seats, which themselves are built into the rear bulkhead.

nissan: esflow electric sports car rear view

a composite body with blue carbon detailing envelops an aluminum chassis. blue LEDs run along the front headlights, which flip out to reveal built-in charging points. featuring a wraparound windscreen and free of side mirrors, the car employs rear view cameras in conjunction with interior video displays.

the car’s interior features gold leather upholstered seats and blue leather and suede door trim. the four-display LCD dashboard is lined with silver carbon.

nissan: esflow electric sports car detail of rear bumper with blue carbon insets

designed to increase from 0-60mph in under five seconds and to travel 150 miles on a single charge, the ‘esflow’ concept will be publicly presented by nissan at the geneva motor show 2011 from march 3-13th.

nissan’s promotional video