nissan glow-in-the-dark LEAF features sunlight absorbing car paint
images courtesy of nissan




the nissan ‘glow-in-the-dark LEAF‘ electric car is coated in a unique paint that absorbs UV energy during daylight, in order to shine brilliantly at night. developed with inventor, hamish scott, the creator of starpath, the secret formula contains a rare natural earth product called strontium aluminate, which is both solid and odorless, as well as chemically and biologically inert. the japanese manufacturer is the first to apply this spray coat to their vehicles, as it aims to showcase how the significant savings made by the EV’s owners, are using the money to continue to decrease their overall carbon footprint. a popular option is to invest in household solar panels, which reflects how the car’s bespoke color also harvests and stores sunlight.


watch how this sissan LEAF’s unique ultraviolet-energized paint glows in the dark
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‘the nissan LEAF is a shining beacon of sustainability and the future of motoring,’ said nissan motor GB limited EV manager paul o’neill. ‘not only is it saving our customers money in running costs, but we are now seeing how it is helping people become more environmentally sensitive by reducing their carbon footprint.’



the UV paint can glow at night for between eight and 10 hours


nissan are the first manufacturer to offer this unique coat to their cars


the sunlight absorbing paint reflects the LEAF’s electric use