nissan showcases a compelling promise of autonomous driving with electric IDS concept
all images courtesy of nissan





at the 2015 tokyo motor show, nissan unveiled a concept vehicle that embodies the carmakers vision of the future of autonomous driving and zero emission electric vehicles: the ‘IDS concept’. presented by CEO carlos ghosn, the car integrates advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with the latest artificial intelligence. when the driver selects pilots drive and turns over the controls to the vehicle, the car’s performance imitates the driver’s own style and preferences. 


video courtesy of nissan




in manual drive mode, the linear acceleration and cornering are pure and exhilarating, yet behind the scenes, the nissan ‘IDS concept’ continues to provide assistance with continually monitoring conditions even while the driver is in control. in addition to learning, the AI communicates like an attentive co-pilot. from information concerning traffic conditions, the driver’s schedule to personal interests, the car has what is needed to help create a driving experience that is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-02the rear doors open in an mirror manner




‘a key point behind the nissan IDS concept is communication,’ explains mitsunori morita, design director at nissan.  ‘for an autonomous drive to become reality, as a society we have to consider not only communication between car and driver but also between cars and people. the nissan IDS concept’s design embodies nissan’s vision of autonomous drive as expressed in the phrase together, we ride.’


the nissan ‘IDS concept’ has different interior settings depending on whether the driver opts for piloted drive or manual drive. though it is a hatchback, the long wheelbase fits four adults comfortably. in autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel recedes, the mesh leather seats rotate slightly inward and a large flat screen comes out. in manual drive mode, the cabin transforms back to a traditional layout with the seats facing forward, the steering wheel returns, and the interior lighting switches to blue stimulating the ability to exterior lights change to indicate the mode of driving




the ‘IDS concept’ is fitted with a high capacity 60 kWh battery, and thanks to its effective aerodynamics, low stance, flowing form and reduced weight due to its full carbon fiber body, the vehicle is designed to also meet the need to drive long distance. nissan has taken the most advanced automotive technology to date and crammed it into the ‘IDS concept’ to showcase a compelling promise of the future. 

nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-04the body is styled to offer more aerodynamic efficiencynissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-05the whole frame is constructed from carbon fiber  nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-06the thin fins create tiny vortexes for a smoother air flownissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-07the dashboard during AI driving mode nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-08the hatchback fits four adults nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-09the roof features an all glass view nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-10the LED light indicators flow through the whole car nissan-IDS-concept-toyko-motor-show-designboom-11the interior cabin switching from driver mode to autonomous mode