nissan highlights amplified titan warrior concept at 2016 NAIAS
all images courtesy of nissan




at the 2016 NAIAS, nissan released a super-sized, off-road modified design study it calls the ‘titan warrior concept’. the american based design team took the ‘titan XD’ vehicle’s production design to futuristic extremes with unapologetic, aggressive, athletic styling features. 


interview with nissan designer randy rodriguez about the concept at 2016 NAIAS




the ‘titan warrior concept’ creators had a strong foundation on which to build their vision of a bold expanding future in the full-size pickup market. they wanted to have the concept truck in an even more powerful presence than the original. the height was raised nearly three inches, to fit a quartet of 37-inch tall off-road tires mounted on custom aluminum-alloy wheels with each machined with a dark matte finish. 

to create clearance for the oversize tires, the width was extended three inches on each side




building on the styling, the designers amplified the protective look of the production exterior. designating the look as ‘modern armor’, with a stealthy, robotic quality, they continued the anatomical feel of the production ‘titan’, but added a more machine-like, sharper-edge appearance. 

the automotive designers kept the production ‘titan XD crew cab’ layout




the grille and signature headlights were enhanced to offer a more technical, menacing look. the front and rear fenders have been flared, and offer an extremely muscular appearance. functional hood vents were added for cooling the powerful 5.0 L V8 turbo diesel engine. the broad hoodline is balanced underneath by the large front skid plate, which interlocks into the powerful front bumper. custom LED lights, added to the concept to carry a more precise, upright and robotic feel. as a finishing touch, a quad-tipped exhaust system is integrated into the rear bumper.

nissan-titan-warrior-concept-NAIAS-2016-designboom-04nissan amplified the protective look of the production exterior




despite its massive bulk, ‘titan warrior concept’ adds several aerodynamic elements, including carbon fiber rear cab spoiler and tailgate. additional unique body elements include integrated, roof-mounted LED off-road lights. 


‘while nissan still has many roads and trails to travel as we continue to launch additional production versions of our bold new titan, this new titan warrior concept gives an important signal to american truck enthusiasts that our vision for exploring new boundaries remains strong,’ explains josé munoz, chairman of nissan north america. ‘truck lovers are never static and neither is titan.’

nissan-titan-warrior-concept-NAIAS-2016-designboom-05the rear tail gate with an integrated quad-tipped exhaustsnissan-titan-warrior-concept-NAIAS-2016-designboom-06the interior cabin nissan-titan-warrior-concept-NAIAS-2016-designboom-07the chosen interior fabrics match the robust rugged exteriornissan-titan-warrior-concept-NAIAS-2016-designboom-08the onboard infotainment system