nixie quadcopter drone is a wearable camera that fits onto your wrist
images courtesy of fly nixie




the ‘nixie’ quadcopter drone by fly nixie, is the first wearable camera as it fits around your wrist and is one of the finalists for intel’s make it wearable challenge. it has a tiny, rotating polaroid in its middle body that captures active pictures of the user from unique angles and positions. when not in use, the gadget acts similarly to a bracelet by fixing around you wrist so that it is safe and easily accessible to the wearer. when transforming for operation, the straps divide and unfold to create a quadcopter that flies, takes photos and videos, then comes back to you.  the ‘nixie’ is still in development but is a finalist for the intel competition which aims to challenge designers to change the future of wearable technology.


the wearable camera can capture your activities from unique angles and postitions
video courtesy of fly nixie


the strap unlatches and divides into four propellers, with the rotating camera in the middle body


it acts like a watch or bracelet in order to fit securely and easily accessible around the wrist