‘no more woof’ translates animal thoughts into english
all images courtesy of the nordic society for invention and discovery




your dog will soon speak its mind wearing ‘no more woof‘, a small wearable gadget that converts animal thoughts into human language. the brainchild of the nordic society for invention and discovery, a scandinavian research lab, uses the latest technology in micro computing and EEG to recognize the pet’s brain waves and spell them out in english through an attached loudspeaker, for the prototypes they are currently developing. breaking the communication barrier between people and man’s best friend, the design team is working towards establishing different voices and tones, which would fit the personality and gender of individual pets. at the moment, the device only speaks english, but models in mandarin, french and spanish are anticipated soon. the three variations of ‘no more woof’, with distinctive degrees of functionality in development, can pre-ordered through indiegogo



no more woof by the nordic society for invention and discovery
video courtesy of ST



the technology behind the device is the result of three different sectors: EEG-sensoring, micro computing and brain-computer interface (BCI) software. there are a spectrum of specific patterns within the mind that define the feeling of tiredness, hunger, anger and curiosity — some of the most easily detected neural sequences. the EEG reader records the swarm of electrical signals that every mammal creates and transports in the same way when they think, while the BCI detects, analyzes and translates the brainwaves of dogs into comprehensive thoughts using raspberry pi, which handles this process directly inside the device.



no more woof translates animal thoughts into english
a dog wears the prototype of ‘no more woof’



no more woof translates animal thoughts into english
the wearable gadget fixed onto the dog’s head