‘balance’ by no picnic with propellerhead 

swedish design consultancy no picnic has collaborated with stockholm-based music software company propellerhead to create their first hardware product ‘balance’. the 2-in/2-out audio interface is made for recording and playback, with the interaction facing the user on the top-side instead of the common short-side. the color-coded inputs and correlating buttons make the device user-friendly,  allowing musicians to focus on their work instead of the technical part of recording. the size and portability of the interface acknowledge the lifestyle of music makers. 

no picnic has won an iF gold award for their hardware design.

no picnic : audio interface balance for propellerheadpropellerhead input/output device


no picnic : audio interface balance for propellerheadview of both software and hardware 

no picnic : audio interface balance for propellerheadpackaging and sketch of the drawing 

‘propellerhead balance with reason essentials’ introduction video 

no picnic : audio interface balance for propellerheadno picnic receiving iF gold award 

for the first time, munich creative business week (MCBW) provided the backdrop for the glamorous iF design awards night. 
the new MCBW design platform, which was held from 7 to 12 february, presented a wealth of exciting themes and
made it possible that local design-interested members of the public were able to experience the iF design awards night. 
in addition to the presentation of the winners of the 100 iF gold awards, the winning entries are also on show at the iF gold award 
exhibition at the BMW museum (until 26 february 2012).
about the iF design award (organized by iF – international forum design gmbh in hannover) 
some 60,000 products have benefitted from being awarded the iF label: at the point of sale, in advertising or in the press. 
over the last six decades, many companies have received many iF awards. these companies are narrating their success stories here.
this year’s iF design award winners will also be presented at the iF design exhibitions in germany, 
including shows at CeBIT in hannover (6 to 10 march 2012) and at hamburg’s harborcity (second half of 2012), 
in haikou (hainan island, china, from may 2012 onwards).
the product design category is the largest of the four categories, comprising ca. two-thirds of the total number of entries and proportionally 
as many gold awards (60 out of the 100 total). the entire shortlist  (863 in all) is viewable in the iF online exhibition.