nocte’s ascent interactive installation blurs and highlights its mountain surroundings 
all images courtesy of sandra ciampone




commissioned by outdoor equipment specialists the north face for nightray fest in vedron, france, nocte created ‘ascent’ – an interactive light installation that draws on nature for its form, blurring and highlighting its surroundings through varied luminosity. with smooth lines and soft light, the sculpture creates a relationship between humans and the natural landscape. intimately connecting to its site, ‘ascent’ reinterpreted its mountain backdrop and stood as a visual focus of the event. in collaboration with marketing agency octagon, nocte was able to connect with visitors using social media hashtags to interact with and influence the behavior of the geometric visual.


video courtesy of nocte


nocte-north-face-ascent-light-installation-designboom-05visitor used social media hashtags to interact with the lighting sculpture  
nocte-north-face-ascent-light-installation-designboom-04the lines are made up of tiny LEDs nocte-north-face-ascent-light-installation-designboom-03the sculpture highlights the surrounding natural lines nocte-north-face-ascent-light-installation-designboom-02the ‘ascent’ installation under the nighttime sky