nod labs is developing interaction controllers for VR headsets across all platforms
all images courtesy of nod labs




nod labs, a company specializing in motion tracking and gesture control unveiled ‘project goa’  – an interface that brings precision head and hand-tracking to mobile virtual reality. the result of rigorous research, development and testing, the project solves the tracking performance and processing challenges that have stifled mobile VR growth. 

the nod labs controllers on the charging base station 




with a headset, two controllers and a charging base that features a camera and offloaded processing, the system advances the industry towards more consumer friendly products without sacrificing the immersive, interactive qualities set by HTC and oculus. nod labs plans to fill the void between expensive headsets and entry-level systems like google ‘cardboard’ and samsung ‘gear VR’ by launching a developer software and hardware kit.

the rear view

the built-in camera sensor  

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