nonda hub+ creates smart USB & charging port station for apple macbook
images courtesy of nonda




featuring a durable aluminum alloy construction, the nonda ‘hub+’ is a handy device that provides USB and charging ports for apple ‘macbook’ users. its contains seven connection slots: two USB-C, a SDXC card reader, a display port and three USB-A, meaning people can plug in their gear and charge the laptop concurrently. offering multiple usages, it also blends well with the portable computer, matching is materials and style.

it offers seven ports for USB and charging




made with precision and quality in germany, the nonda ‘hub+’ has used advanced production techniques to ensure it is as thin as possible, weighing just 99 grams, 4.8 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. this makes it small enough to fit in the hand or pocket and is ideal for business travelers, executives and university users. as well, the device has a built-in lithium ion battery that provides a dead phone with enough power to last two hours. nonda are seeking funds in order to develop the project, through their kickstarter campaign.


manufactured from aluminum, the port blends well with the macbook




its built-in battery can charge a mobile phone


being lightweight and small in size, the device can easily fit into a pocket


it is available in a silver or gold color