wearable noonee chairless chair improves workers’ productivity
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the wearable ergonomic device ‘chairless chair’ by noonee decreases the chances of injuries as workers are enabled to rest their legs for sitting and whilst moving. its design is based upon robotic principles for bio-inspired legged locomotion and actuation, and also by the theorem of passive dynamics research. this patent-pending technology overcomes the weight and power constraints of worn mechatronic systems to provide posture support in environments that lack the space to install chairs. in such workplaces, the amount of repetitive movement injuries and levels of fatigue are lowered resulting in an increase in efficient and quality productivity.


explanation of the technology behind the chairless chair
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the aluminum tool is worn on the legs and features lightweight portable dampers that hold the users’ bodyweight and directs it towards the heel of the shoe. it is suitable for workers who have to perform long, repetitive tasks in non-optimal postures, in order to relieve the stress on lower body muscles and joints. the wearable technology is a preventive measure for employees involved in the manufacturing, packaging, sorting, food service and courier service industries. as job personnel are diverse with people of different ages, sizes and statures, using the ‘chairless chair’ would reduce medical, operation down time, workers compensation premiums and retraining costs.



repetitive movements in non-optimal positions causes greater fatigue and thus lower productivity


the chairless chair improves productivity as fatigue levels are much lower