e-bike noordung has a built-in boombox and tracks air pollution while riding

e-bike noordung has a built-in boombox and tracks air pollution while riding

E-bike noordung boombox


Noordung Boombox has four built-in speakers mounted on its top frame and itcan track air pollution as riders take it for a spin. The electric bike also spotlights its light electric hub motor, installed into the rear wheelset, that can be charged at any electric charging station and which has been developed by Noordung engineers. The team says it is one of the lightest of its kind and runs quietly to refrain from distracting commuters. If used, the e-bike can go up to 60km of supported range while riders can just ride on completely without the electric motor.


The e-bike design resembles an electric motorcycle and prides itself on having the innovation of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particle sensors which help record the changes in the air quality in real-time via the Noordung app. The company says that the feature allows the riders to find the least polluted routes along their way, letting them enjoy the breeze without worrying about the pollution intake. Strolling downtown or in the countryside might sound lonely without music, so Noordung installs a boombox at the core of the e-bike through the four speakers tilted upward that produce high-fidelity sound. The music reverberates, and jamming with the music while the rider pedals elicits the fun, summery vibes.

noordung boombox e-bike
images courtesy of Noordung



Sturdy e-bike frame


The company believes that what makes it stand out from the crowd lies in its glossy, matte-textured design and the materials the team used to turn it into a visually attractive electric machine. Noordung went for the crafted carbon fiber to produce the final product, and the decision results in a sturdy e-bike frame with a smooth finish.


The company also thinks that its Noordung Boombox far exceeds its sole functionality of having powerful speaker speakers as the 300 Wh battery that powers its electric motor and LED lights also doubles as a proper power bank to charge the smartphones of the riders. The company sees the riders’ need to always have fully charged smartphones by making sure its motor also acts as a power source. Noordung Boombox also has an integrated electronic lock and a wireless phone connection.

noordung boombox e-bike
e-bike Noordung has a built-in boombox and tracks air pollution while riding



Particle sensors in noordung boombox


Noordung targets climate change by installing its own particle sensor into the e-bike. The company writes that ‘numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between the exposure to particulate matter and increased number of hospital admissions.’ To contribute to this prevention, its sensors allow riders to minimize their low-quality air experience by providing them the best routes to take. 


For the company, air pollution is a contamination of both the indoor and outdoor air environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent, and motor vehicles, among many, are some of the most common sources of air pollution. By integrating their in-house created motor that runs quietly into their e-bike, Noordung Boombox helps riders become a part of a decentralized air pollution data network, a philosophy that forms part of the e-bike’s ethos. Interested riders can receive exclusive early-bird access to Noordung Boombox’s first batches here.

noordung boombox e-bike
the boombox has four built-in powerful speakers

noordung boombox e-bike
e-bike Noordung Boombox also tracks the best routes for the riders through its app


e-bike Noordung has a built-in boombox and tracks air pollution while riding

noordung boombox e-bike
close-up view of the motor and speakers

noordung boombox e-bike
design details of e-bike noordung boombox



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