concept nu'clear motorcycle framed with bulletproof glass oozes sci-fi steampunk look

concept nu'clear motorcycle framed with bulletproof glass oozes sci-fi steampunk look

nu’clear motorcycle with bulletproof glass


Let the futuristic ride begin with the entrance of the concept motorcycle design Nu’Clear. The almost-transparent vehicle psyches up sci-fi fans with its lit-up vibe, drawn from the bluish glow of LED lights, while it clamors for the attention of the modern steampunk cults with its revamped iteration brought out by the layers of bulletproof glass. Nu’Clear grinds its viewers to a screeching halt, slowly becoming a motorcycle-design staple to exclusively own.


Pivoting to exclusivity, custom-vehicle designer Mikhail Smolyanov worked on the motorcycle project for LEO Brutal Motorcycle (LBM) workshop and dubs his creation ‘an exclusive among exclusives.’ The bulletproof glass on the atom-punk style motorbike rounds and slopes on the edge to act as the body’s main frame, letting passersby peek through its steel-hued engine with the transparent view. Smolyanov shares that a boxer engine or electric motor unit can work well with his bulletproof-glass stunt.

nu'clear motorcycle bulletproof
images courtesy of Mikhail Smolyanov



blue LED backlighting emulates Cherenkov radiation


The concept Nu’Clear motorcycle by Mikhail Smolyanov resembles a clockwork or a whirring engine with a silver-coated and mechanism-driven design. The spokeless wheels display nuts and bolts on view, and the seating seems to give off a rigid impression with its cushionless padding. Smolyanov says that LBM is planning to equip Nu’Clear with glass valve covers to demonstrate combustion chambers. ‘The action fuel tank is transparent with blue LED backlighting emulating Cherenkov radiation,’ he adds.


Smolyanov designs Nu’Clear without a gearbox and equips it with a hydraulic torque transmission system. He says that the electric variant is pulled by a motor wheel, charged by accumulators hidden in the glass frame. ‘Then, the radiators’ fins resemble the shape of fuel elements for a nuclear reactor,’ he says. The concept designer reveals four design alternatives of Nu’Clear, each of them bearing their own character. One of them expels the bulletproof glass and trades it for an eye-shaped steel that runs along the body’s frame.

nu'clear motorcycle bulletproof
side view

nu'clear motorcycle bulletproof
there are piled-up layers of bulletproof glass


Nu’Clear by Mikhail Smolyanov

nu'clear motorcycle bulletproof
nu’clear motorcycle variant

nu'clear motorcycle bulletproof
another design has an eye-shaped body frame



project info:


name: Nu’Clear

designer: Mikhail Smolyanov


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