child with haptic pajama

huggy pajama is a wearable system aimed at promoting physical interaction in remote communication between parent and child. this system, developed by mixed reality lab at the national university of singapore (NUS), enables parents and children to embrace one another through a hugging interface device and a wearable, hug reproducing pajama connected through the internet.

the hugging device is a small, mobile doll with an embedded pressure sensing circuit that is able to accurately sense varying range of human force produced from natural touch. it is connected via the internet to a haptic wearable pajama with embedded air pockets, heating elements and color changing fabric. this pajama is able to simulate hug to the wearer according to the inputs from the hugging interface, as well as generate warmth to accompany the hug, display color changes according to distance of separation between parent and child, and display emoticons. the system provides a semantically meaningful interface that can easily be understood by children and parents as a reproduction of hugging. furthermore, hug sensation is produced in a calm and relaxing way through air, rather than through vibration or other mechanical means.

NUS: huggy pajama haptic pajama detail

NUS: huggy pajama mother with input device

NUS: huggy pajama

NUS: huggy pajama input device detail

NUS: huggy pajama parent hugging child remotely through mobile doll device

NUS: huggy pajama doll embedded with sensors

NUS: huggy pajama hug band known as the ‘air actuating module’ with led display controlled by input device

NUS: huggy pajama detail of ‘air actuating module’ with led display to be embedded within the pajama

NUS: huggy pajama left to right: no pressure applied to input device, medium pressure, full pressure

NUS: huggy pajama 8 air pockets to simulate different hugs

NUS: huggy pajama

NUS: huggy pajama material of jacket is embedded with air pockets, heating elements and color changing fabric

NUS: huggy pajama interaction diagram

NUS: huggy pajama block diagram of system