oakley airwave HUD + GPS goggles




as winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, oakley has developed a new type of snow goggles for those counting down the days for a highly anticipated ski season. featuring a built-in heads-up display (HUD), the ‘airwave goggle’ implements GPS and bluetooth technology alongside an accelerometer, barometer and gyro sensors for accessing real time information about jump analytics that show distance, height and airtime. 


oakley airwave – GPS enabled goggle video courtesy of oakley




equipped with smart optics and innovative prism technology, all stats and data will appear as though users are looking at a fourteen-inch screen from a distance of five feet. compatible with both iOS and android operating systems, incoming calls and text messages can be viewed through bluetooth connectivity, allowing the goggle to access and interface with your smartphone, heart rate monitor and music player.

oakley airwave HUD + GPS goggles interior view of the HUD



oakley airwave HUD + GPS goggles product view featuring the HUD and adjustable head strap


oakley airwave HUD + GPS goggles wrist accessory controls