oaxis offers protective case with e-ink display for quick notifications
all images courtesy of oaxis




‘inkcase i6’ by oaxis adds a 4.3-inch e-ink display to any iPhone 6, making it both more convenient and readable. it connects wirelessly via bluetooth, allowing users to access content without switching on the phone’s display. words on e-ink make reading more enjoyable with a paper-like display quality and uses the screen to help conserve the phone’s battery. 


the case snaps securely to the phone




the case is an info center that facilitates push notifications, weather updates and emails from the phone. the durable, molded polycarbonate exterior provides complete protection of the back, edge, and corner of the device. the built-in lithium polymer battery charges through a micro-USB cable, but is only used for the connectivity – the oaxis ‘inkcase i6’ screen requires no power.

oaxis-inkcase-i6-designboom-03offers complete protection oaxis-inkcase-i6-designboom-04 thin design adds only 4.2mm oaxis-inkcase-i6-designboom-05 connects via bluetooth