obscura digital tweaks tesla with gadgets for displaying environmental injustices
all images courtesy of obscura digital





designed and engineered by obscura digital, the modified tesla ‘model s‘ integrates leading edge software and hardware to display environmental injustices and spotlight the upcoming documentary ‘racing extinction’. the electric car features an electroluminescent paint job that allows the driver to custom animate the vehicle’s exterior. the central point of the tesla is the motorized projector that rises from a hidden compartment in the rear.


video courtesy of discovery




controlled using a joystick, the 15,000-lumen project lights content on just about any surface. at the very front sits a forward-looking infrared camera (FLIR). it’s rigged with a distinctive optical filter used to show invisible CO2 emission emitted by planes, other cars, factories, industrial plants and even people. the car can display in real-time through the projector what the infrared camera is uncovering.

obscura-digital-racing-extinction-tesla-mobile-project-vehicle-designboom-02 the tesla is covered an electroluminescent paint jobobscura-digital-racing-extinction-tesla-mobile-project-vehicle-designboom-03 the movable projector obscura-digital-racing-extinction-tesla-mobile-project-vehicle-designboom-04 the infrared camera displays CO2 emissions 


video courtesy of FLIR


obscura-digital-racing-extinction-tesla-mobile-project-vehicle-designboom-05 the car can project images, messages and videos 


video courtesy of balcony nine media


(via mother nature network)