design and construct your own furniture with 3D printed joints 
all images courtesy of ollé gellért







world wide furniture company ikea already has everyone putting together their own bookcases, tables, beds, lights, but hungarian industrial designer ollé gellért, wants to take out the middle man, with a collection of 3D printed joints called ‘print to build’. the idea is not a moonshot, but a clear realization on where the furniture industry could be going in the future because of the steep price decline of 3D home printers. 

olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-02a sample bookcase built from the 3D printed joints






to design and construct large objects, ollé narrowed his research, developing and printing just the small joints that are able to connect bigger parts that can be made an assortment of different materials. the joints connect eight millimeter plywood sheets together in a variety of different angles – 90, 45, and 120 degree elements. the key factor to the design of the  ‘print to build’  set of joints is the unnecessary need for screws, glue, allen keys or special tools. ollé gellért wants to draw attention to the importance of changing our thinking as to how we build furniture with the help of 3D printers, which in turn, would stop our epidemic addiction to ikea catalogues.

olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-03no need for glue or screws during the construction process


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-04the different sets of joints


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-05made from durable plastic


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-06the 90 degree joint


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-07the 45 degree joint


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-08the 120 degree joint


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-09the 120 degree pattern 


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-10the 45 degree pattern 


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-11the 90 degree pattern


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-12the evolution of the joint


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-133D renderings of the furniture


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-14the pieces use eight millimeter plywood 


olle-gellert-3D-printed-joint-collection-designboom-15a free standing side table