the ‘xo-3’ tablet by the one laptop per child (OLPC) project

at CES 2012, the US-based nonprofit one laptop per child (OLPC) project, an intiative of fuesproject, has just unveiled its prototype ‘xo-3’ tablet, designed by yves behar for worldwide distribution through the organization’s mission to provide children in developing nations with a durable, low-cost, low-power laptop.

the 8-inch tablet runs linux with the sugar interface as a default, although users can choose to run other linux and android interfaces. it features both mini and full-size USB ports, headphone and microphones jacks, and front and rear -facing cameras. a brightly coloured silicone cover protects the device, while a prototype case in development includes a 4-watt solar panel and battery pack. in the meantime, the tablet is chargeable via electrical outlet or a hand-cranked charger, which offers ten minutes of battery power for each minute of cranking.

to offer educational services even in locations that lack internet connectivity, OLPC preloads the tablet with saved versions of wikipedia content, and offers compatibility with 3rd-party developed offline content applications. governments, organizations, and consumers can choose among a range of battery, screen, and software options when purchasing the device.

OLPC: xo 3 low cost tablet the removable silicone covers offer protection and a solid grip whether placed over the screen, back of the device, or both

OLPC: xo 3 low cost tablet early concept rendering of the device

see more of the evolution of the device in designboom’s 2009 article about the OLPC laptop concept.

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