don’t need waves to ride the onean electric surf board
all images courtesy of onean





onean presents an electric jet board to enjoy high speed over water where big waves are hard to come by. from cruising over the water surface for the most adventures ones to most extreme performances for adrenaline fans, the company designed several boards and propulsion system customers can choose from. with the help of bizintek engineering and design, the boards offer a silent and environmentally friendly way to ride rivers and ocean fronts. based in the basque country in spain, onean are perfectly located in an area with broad industrial experience with a huge surfing culture. they really believe in this new sport, jumping into production with two commercial models.


video courtesy of onean


onean-electric-surf-board-designboom-08straps making turning easy


onean-electric-surf-board-designboom-07hand held remote controls thrust


onean-electric-surf-board-designboom-06lightweight enough to ride over waves


onean-electric-surf-board-designboom-05powerful enough to take on the ocean


onean-electric-surf-board-designboom-03great for riding rivers


onean-electric-surf-board-designboom-04the two models are available for pre-purchase