manufacturer future motion have revealed the latest in their line of electric skateboards – the onewheel+ XR. the futuristic get-around is the successor to the pretty nifty onewheel +, unveiled at the 2017 edition of the international consumer electronics show (CES).

onewheel electric skateboard
all images courtesy of onewheel



the electric rideable is like a skateboard and a balance board featuring a chunky tire which sits in the middle of two wooden panels at the nose and tail of the skateboard for your feet. the main differences? well the XR not only boasts a ‘hypercore motor’ but a new battery system that doubles the range to between 12 and 18 miles, terrain depending. the onewheel+ is currently avaialble for $1,500 whilst the XR costs an additional $300.

onewheel electric skateboard
the electric rideable is like a skateboard



video by onewheel