custom bicycle manufacturer ono reinterprets city cruising with archont electro e-bike
images courtesy of Mirko Nahmijas





custom bicycle manufacture ono bikes wants to change the way society portrays urban personal electric transportation. the ‘archont electro’ is the beginning of their mission, with a completely radical rendition of an e-bike. it’s handcrafted frame made from stainless steel weighs 55 kilograms, and is made exactly for the rider to address individual needs so the bike fits perfectly. the front wheel is 29 inches in diameter and includes 108 spokes, and the rear wheel is 26 inches and incorporates a seven-kilowatt electric motor. in the middle, the ‘archont electro’ houses a 72-volt battery that has a range of 99 kilometers, and can go a top speed of 80 km/h. the three-meter long electric easy-rider is the first rendition and is the precursor of things to come from ono bikes.

ono-bikes-archont-electro-desginboom-02ono archont electro e-bike includes rear LED lightsono-bikes-archont-electro-desginboom-03the battery is housed in the middle of the frame from proper weight distributionono-bikes-archont-electro-desginboom-04the ‘gas tank’ where all the electric components are stored is made from carbon fiberono-bikes-archont-electro-desginboom-05 the leather seat sits on three springs to hand city bumps ono-bikes-archont-electro-desginboom-06the brooks brother logo