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OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams

technology is an art form to OPPO, a leading global technology brand. you might know the company from its first mobile phone – the smiley face – launched in 2008 or either of the nendo-designed music link collection for earphones and credit card-sized slide-phone in 2020 respectively. whether smartphones, audio or any other type of smart device, the innovation brand pursues the perfect synergy of aesthetic appeal and forward-thinking technology in its products. each one is guided by the philosophy ‘technology for mankind, kindness for the world’.


dare to dream a tomorrow with brighter possibilities? enter the OPPO renovators emerging artists project 2021 – here.

OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams
the OPPO renovators 2021, also known as emerging artists project, is open for entries
all images courtesy of OPPO



these guiding words – technology for mankind, kindness for the world – embodies the OPPO emerging artists project, also known as OPPO renovators. the innovation incubator encourages young creatives to help design art-infused technologies that are not only highly emotionally engaging with users but, importantly, beneficial to the wide world. OPPO renovators aims to encourage innovation through a platform that empowers young artists and technologists to develop design work. they look to brighten the future, both for user and the artists’ creative careers.


for the 2021 edition of renovators, the theme is light – the good that art and technology can bring to the world. it also symbolizes how young creatives have the power to light up the future with innovations. there are two tracks to inspire ideas that bring the worlds of art, science and technology together: art tech and art toy.


art tech is for participants to submit conceptual proposals, creative research and ideas of business incubation under the theme of light. the topic can be interpreted literally or metaphorically; the physical illumination of an item, architecture and even larger areas or the access to knowledge and invention of new possibilities that spur positive change in the world. at its heart, design work must encompass the ever-progressing, symbiotic relationship between art and technology.


art toy asks for artwork focusing on OPPO’s mascot, ollie – a virtual guardian of young artists’ dreams, full of character and personality. the art toy should be conceptualized around the image of ollie, its role in the world, and its ability to interact with others. 


young creatives who enter receive a wide range of exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime rewarding benefits worldwide. the top 100 nominees receive meaningful feedback from expert mentors and advisors, access to the design resources of OPPO, interact with other global artists, receive exposure at OPPO product launches, and display as part of exhibitions at high-profile events like the london design festival and dubai expo.


below, here are some previous participants’ artwork – check them out!

OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams
renovators rewards entrants and their work, including the AI galapagos art project by sichen liu from 2020

OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams
space ollie by jiehao li takes the brand’s mascot on a space-travelling voyage with an OPPO satellite

OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams
zhangyue he draws the hills beyond, a geometric world that expresses the harmony between human and nature

OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams
jiayu liu created an installation, called tracing the sky, contrasting space and architecture and air and earth

OPPO launches renovators project 2021 to light up creative dreams
holy night renovators by jiawei li saw a 3D mapping installation emotionally connect people and spatial environment



do you want your innovations to light up the future? submissions to OPPO renovators is open until august 29, 2021 – here. the top 100 review runs until september 7, top 10 review until september 15, and then the winners are announced by the end of september. good luck!



project info:


brand: OPPO

project: renovators (emerging artists project)

submission deadline: august 29, 2021

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