orfeo soundworks, the honoree of CES2016 innovation awards, is present at IFA 2016 industrial exhibition with headphones featuring innovative noise cancelling technology. orfeo is a global audio equipment company established with a profound background in sound. it was founded by tommy kim, who has also founded the audio equipment testing and sound analysis website golden ears.  

orfeo sign headphones designboom
taking telephone calls while running has a new found clarity 




the difference performance between an average set of bluetooth headphones and orfeo’s ‘sign’ headphones is clear. this headphone can effectively block out the noise in loud environments such as construction sites, airplane, concert halls, call centers, and stadiums. this technology can be particularly useful across all industries that suffer from a loud working environment. 

orfeo sign headphones designboom

orfeo sign headphones take on a refined form with a warm skin tone
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the noise cancelling headphones are crystal clear when listening to music as well. it also provides a hi-fi sound when playing VR 3D games, heightening the virtual reality experience. with orfeo’s accompanying ‘control’ mobile app, surrounding noise can either come through or be blocked. this is a big step forward from the traditional kernel-type earphones which can only block the sound, thus being unsuitable for road use.



video courtesy of orfeo soundworks




tommy kim says, ‘we have worked for years to develop the most effective noise-cancelling technology and here it is’. he also adds, ‘we created orfeo with the certitude that our technology will not only change the B2B market, but also the lifestyle of the listeners.’

orfeo sign headphones designboom
discreet design lends itself to a number situations