owow instruments inject human impressions to computer aided music production
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originating from designer pieter jan pieters’s ‘sound on intuition’ thesis at eindhoven academy, the owow instruments play music off human motions and drawings to create unique beats and sounds for musical accompaniment. there are five different sensors that depict five varying human actions. the ‘wob’ controls sounds and effects by moving the users hand closer or further away from the sensor, instantly creating sound through motion. the ‘wiggle’ assigns effects the three rotational axis and give the users fingertips total musical control. 


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the ‘drum’ trigger samples and sounds by air drumming, the sensitivity can be adjusted to mach the strength the of drumming. the ‘pads’ consists of four pressure sensitive drum pads. and the ‘scan’ is a scanner that follows over a drawing and translates it into a unique piece of music. the owow musical instruments work as midi controllers and connect to software with no required drivers, and can automatically link any computer or other music device. with so many musicians desperate for distinctive sounds beyond what a mouse and keyboard can do, the owow instruments get away from the necessary program coding, and bring back the unrepeatable human touch needed in the sounds of music. the dutch company is looking for funding on their kickstarter campaign with hopes to ship the instruments by february 2016.  

the wob


the wiggle


the drum


the pad


the scan


 the sensor boards included in each instrument


the instruments work as midi controllers and connect with every software