pagani aerodynamically redesigns almost every single body panel for the huayra BC
all images courtesy pagani





italian ‘hypercar’ manufacturer pagani has announced up to date model of the ‘huayra’. the ‘huayra BC’ represents the initials of benny caiola, a friend who influenced founder horacio pagani, and also the first customer to buy a pagani automobile. the latest model introduces innovative technical solutions which will be applied to the next generation of cars pagani will manufacturer. conceived primarily as road going car that will give the maximum exhilaration and performance during track days and special events, the ‘huayra BC’ has been influenced by its track oriented predecessors – the pagani ‘zonda R’ and the ‘zonda cinque’.  

the pagani ‘huayra BC’ 




after careful consideration and research, pagani decided not to go the route that others have followed and chosen instead to focus efforts on other technological areas. the ‘huayra BC’ is powered by a V12 bi-turbo engined developed by mercedes-AMG exclusively for pagani. it outputs 750 horsepower through a completely new seven speed automated manual transmission that pays attention to both the performance and comfort, without compromising the weight and balance. the sports exhaust includes a low back pressure muffler and is substantially lighter compared to the system used on the ‘huayra’ coupé which results in a carefully acoustic design made from titanium. 

the ‘hypercar’ is powered by a V12 bi-turbo engine




the car has been completely redesigned and except for the roof does not share a single body panel with it’s predecessors. in the pursuit of aerodynamic perfection, the team worked extensively on the properties of the car. through simulations, the air speed has been increased through all ducts and inlets, ensuring not only the effective cooling of the mechanical components, resulting in a dramatic reduction of the aerodynamic drag. 

the team installed a seven-speed transmission  

the car also introduces a combination of combustion engine and electric motor.

the sports exhaust with titanium materials 

the ‘huayra BC’ weighs only 1218 kilograms 

with active aerodynamics, the engineers have effectively eliminated lift on the car

the engine outputs 750 horsepower 

the interior covered in italian leather and carbon fiber