overhaul your desktop workstation with customizable palette controllers
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interacting with a desktop hasn’t really changed for a very long time. the keyboard and mouse combination will forever engraved in the history of along side others like the wheel and the paint brush. palette, a canadian company from kitchener ontario wants to change the way people interact with their computers. they have designed magnetically connected sliders, dials and buttons there offer photographers and other creatives a faster, more intuitive and precise editing experience. 

the kit includes a OLED screen, button, dial and slider




unlike it’s predecessors users can fully customize the layout, function and even color of each control module to fit their own workflow and favorite software. they’ve partner with adobe to offer a tightly integrated platform with builtin functions for lighroom cc, photoshop cc and many others. where touch screens require users to look down and offer no sense of feedback, employing physical controls allows the operator to engage directly with their work and can improve workflow. 

video courtesy of palette





‘at palette, we’re interested in creating a new category of hardware and software that bridges the gap between the physical and digital in a way that recognizes we all work differently,’ describes founder and CEO, calvin chu. ‘we’re excited to see people use palette’s hands-on controls to make interaction more natural and enjoyable.’ in the future, palette is looking to add new models such as motorized sliders and trackballs and will release developer tools offering access to the hardware and the ability to create new plug ins for a variety of uses. 

magnetically snap modules together


customize modules in profiles and switch between them for unlimited functions


analog feedback manages a workflow more efficiently 


LED colors help identify each module


rubber base prevents them from moving


fully integrated with adobe creative suite


palette runs completely off the computer’s USB


comes in optional wood finish






works with both mac and windows


packaging of the palette controllers